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Ask the Expert

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your LiL Treez!  Our clones come with a guarantee as well as a handy clone care guide we give you upon purchase.

Our Clones

All Emerald Treez clones are developed with the utmost care and resources. Ever gotten a “great” deal on some clones, only to have half of them die a week or even days later? At Emerald Treez, we make sure our clones have strong root systems that can survive travel and transplanting with no issues – but we also have a few tips to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Make sure your clones are transplanted as soon as they reach their destination! With great roots comes great responsibility! If your final pot size is 2-3 gallons, then planting straight into that pot is best (no need to stage). If your final pot size is 5+ gallons, then staging is recommended – start with a 1-2 gallon pot depending on size of final pot, then transplant into the larger pot when the plant has matured.


When it comes to transplanting, we recommend Mykos and Azos (in that order) applied around the hole you are planting in. When watering the transplant, we recommend Thrive Alive and Rhizotonic in your mix for best results.


Finally, after the plant is in the new pot, we recommend foliar spray with Rhizotonic.


Follow these instructions and you will save labor and nutrients (not to mention getting your product on the market faster). These easy steps will allow you to avoid transplant shock and double growth in just a couple of days. Have fun my friends!

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